Workshops - For Groups

Ever dreamed of capturing the night sky above beautiful star-lit landscapes?!?!

My workshops will teach you all you need to know!

Learn the planning, preparation, safety, equipment and techniques of how to create stunning Astrolandscape images. The evening is an awesome opportunity to learn how to get into this fantastic style of photography amongst a group of like-minded people. 

I teach in an enthusiastic and also a patient manner and I feel incredibly privileged to be able to bring the awe-inspiring experience of being out under the night sky to new and intrigued people. I've met some wonderful people doing this and seeing the delight on their faces of capturing their first Milky Way image is like re-living the feeling of the night I first captured mine. Its incredible!

(These are events I organise at a chosen venue or 1 off events for photography clubs or groups etc - please contact me for details)

The Night Is Split Up Into 2 Parts -

1- Classroom Part - a presentation, where I fully explain and answer your questions on everything you need to know on how to take these type of images. We'll also cover how to post-process them too! (approximately 2 to 3 hours).

2- Guided Shoot - in a dark sky spot to put what we've learnt into practice. Whilst the classroom part is fun and informative, this guided shoot is where it all comes together and the amazement begins! I'm always on hand to help and answer questions on any of the techniques I teach. (approximately 2 to 3 hours).


Where?! -
I hold these Group Workshops at the fantastic -


And now also...

I would like to happily announce that my next Group Astrolandscape Beginners Workshop will be held at -


I've searched far and wide for an extra venue. I will still be holding Workshops up in wonderful Guilderton but unfortunately the light pollution from Perth washes out the rising Milky Way core somewhat during the early part of the season.

The Quindanning Hotel and their awesome staff will provide my workshops with -

 - Shooting opportunities at ALL times of the Milky Way Season!

- Plus - Accommodation Packages! Including Workshop, B&B and evening meal deals! Guests can now be free from worry about the late night drive home as comfortable accommodation is there ready and waiting - Learn, Shoot and then get a good nights rest.

- And - due to their wonderful building and location - a comfortable Lounge Room for the 'classroom' part of the evening with the opportunity to shoot 'on site' under their wonderfully pristine night skies.


What To Bring?

    - Your camera gear! This includes -

    - Camera body with manual mode. With a fully charged battery and any spare batteries you may have. Please don’t forget your memory cards too! Side note - a basic understanding of shooting in Manual will help as we require full control when shooting at night!

    - Lenses (please bring the fastest lenses you have - widest possible aperture. Wide angle works great but you can also shoot with longer focal lengths - I regularly shoot with a 50mm!). 

    - Tripod (the sturdier the better!)

    - A remote release if you have one (not critical).

    - Torch - to help find your way in the dark.

    - Head torch if you have one! - The best way to find your way in the dark!

    - Warm clothes - dress appropriately and bring extra layers incase you need them. Hats, scarves, gloves, thick jumpers, windproof jackets, rugged trousers, hiking style strong boots etc. Please remember - its difficult to operate a camera if you’re shivering! 

- Water and snacks to keep you going - a flask of hot tea is highly recommended!

    - A sense of adventure and enthusiasm!


What Will We Cover?

You'll learn -

- How to plan and prepare for a successful night shoot.

- How to stay safe and happy, late at night in cold and dark places!

- What equipment will help us capture theses images.

- The settings required to get correct exposure.

- Lots of other settings that will help you get even more out of your gear.

- How to focus at night. We want those stars to be nice and pinpoint!

- How to compose at night.

- How to post process your images.

- PLUS! Lots of other tips and tricks I've learnt on my journey in Astrolandscape photography!


Get In Touch!

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Just fill out the form below that to either get my standard booking email or request more information. If you're after a package deal then please let me know in the 'message' section. Scroll even further to read some Reviews!

I'll look forward to hearing from you and being there when you begin your wonderful journey in shooting Astrolandscapes!

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